March 21st, 2008

radioactive cat

i can has con?

We're off to EasterCon tomorrow. Though it's only about a forty-minute drive to the venue at Heathrow I've booked us into an hotel down there because driving back and forth would quickly become a drag and it's not fair on Bogna. So, no posts till Tuesday. Look after the villages. Talk to you next week.
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sad kitteh

but before i go, i has a multiple sad

Arthur C Clarke.
Anthony Minghella.
Paul Scofield.
Brian Wilde.

The great tragedy here, of course, is Minghella, who was already a terrific director and would only have got better, and who died much too young. What a week.
Brian Wilde won't mean anything to the villagers on the other side of the village pond, but trust me, those who saw him work know how good he was at what he did. I think he was the last of the surviving central cast of Porridge.
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