March 31st, 2008


beat it!

Well. Just when you're thinking there's nothing interesting in the papers, this breaks.
Some background: Max Mosley is head of the FIA, the body which governs motorsport. Haven't heard of it? Well, Max is actually in one of the most powerful positions in world sport. Among other motorsports the FIA governs is Formula One, a multibillion-pound global brand.
So this weekend Max was pictured in an hotel room with five working girls taking part in what has been described as `a sadomasochistic orgy,' during which, according to the paper which broke the story, the participants dressed up as Nazis and concentration camp inmates.
Max's father, Sir Oswald Mosley, was, just by coincidence, the leader of the British Union of Fascists in the 1930s.
Additionally, Max is not the most popular man in world sport. Nor has he made any great attempt to be. He recently described Sir Jackie Stewart - who is well-loved in motor racing - as `a certified half-wit.'
Now then. I'm not the greatest fan of these newspaper `stings.' Max was set up by the News Of The World, a paper which makes a living out of pictures of more-or-less undressed models and celebrities, soap opera gossip, salacious stories about Premiership footballers, and stings like this one. If I were in charge of the world, the paper would cease to exist. For those of you with strong stomachs here's the article. Kind of makes me want to write an apology to Tucker Carlson. No. Sorry, that was a lie.
What rings Max's bells in private is none of my business, and how he does it is none of my business too, although I do have to wonder how much of the `nazi orgy' was his idea and how much of it was the suggestion of his companions - it just seems too neat that Mosley's son would be caught in circumstances like that, doesn't it?
So why am I mentioning this sordid little pantomime? Well, after getting on my high horse about the aforementioned Tucker Carlson's remarks about British journalism a couple of weeks ago, I've been looking, for the sake of balance, for something to illustrate that British journalism is not perfect.
And the huge irony is that, because of the highly litigious nature of some of the stories it runs - and Max is said to be firing up his lawyers as we speak - the NoW takes enormous care to make sure those stories stand up. So in that respect, it's a shining paragon of journalistic practice.
Funny old world, no?
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