April 4th, 2008

radioactive cat

if it's friday night, it must be...

Well, here I am again bereft of LOLcats and teh cute, so I thought I'd do a news roundup for you.

This is Lewis Hamilton after he allowed his car to become a little too intimate with the wall during practice for this weekend's Bahrain Grand Prix. Lewis was unhurt. The car, not so much.

I saw this headline shortly after replying to some comments about Max Mosley, and I thought, `Surely not...' Sadly, I was right.

This is the story of nine-year-old Joe Allison, who's just broken a world record by balancing sixteen spoons on his face. See? You write off the Brits at your peril...

This is just funny because it involves satellite navigation and wealthy, privileged people.

And finally. Boris Johnson, MP for Henley and Conservative candidate for Mayor of London, shoots himself in the foot again. I'm planning to talk about the Mayoral campaign in the near future. Just as soon as I can work out how to explain it in less than half a million words.
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