April 7th, 2008


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Thog and I disagree about this, but I think the Washington Post, though admittedly past its golden age, is still capable of journalism of great importance. So I'm pleased to see that the paper has just won six Pulitzer Prizes, including the public service award - and deservedly so - for its investigation of the treatment of returning veterans at Walter Reed. It's only the fourth time that a paper has won more than three of the fourteen journalism prizes in a single year.
The New York Times and the Chicago Tribune, both fine papers, also picked up prizes, as did Reuter's, the Boston Globe, and - a prize close to my heart because I fell in love with this paper during the summer I spent in Wisconsin many years ago - the Milwaukee Journal, which apparently is calling itself the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel these days.
Good stuff. More power to your elbows, guys.
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