April 10th, 2008



Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, pray tap the keg, pop the cork, do whatever it is you do with daiquiris, and dance the ancient Dance Of Welcome - long proscribed by the Church of England and certain sections of the Church of Latter Day Saints - for robsoft. Welcome, Rob.
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radioactive cat

a warning

It's come to my attention that someone masquerading as our Prime Minister recently appeared on American Idol.
This was not Gordon Brown.
This is Gordon Brown.
And this is the man who claimed to be him on American television. You'll see it's a spirited try, but he actually smiles more in about thirty seconds than the real Gordon Brown has in the past thirty years, and that was his undoing. Actually, I find the real one less scary.
So once again, People of America, I implore you. The person on American Idol was a rank imposter.
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for selkie

This is Selexys Dominicanen.

It's a bookshop in Maastricht housed in a 13th Century Dominican church.

I think, after The Vortex Of The Weird (TM), it may be the loveliest bookshop in the world.

But I bet they still get people coming in with Liquid Skin all over them...
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