April 18th, 2008

pygmy marmoset

if it's friday night, it must be...

...monstrous baby-eating owls!
Actually, there's an interesting (well, if you're me, anyway) aside to this, as Harthill is about half an hour's walk from where I was brought up and I always thought it was in Nottinghamshire - I come from the pointy bit where North-East Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, and North Nottinghamshire sort of come together and the borders wiggle about so much that in some cases it's hard to be quite sure where a particular village is - so I googled it, and bugger me if it isn't in South Yorkshire. It also has a Wikipedia entry, which I looked up, only to find a mention of my village, so I clicked on that link, to discover that the village where I grew up is now described as a `town.' Trust me, that was enough to make me go `hm.'

In other news, England has been assailed by a Continental pong. I'm afraid that, like the recent earthquake, I entirely missed this. I didn't smell anything untoward (or any more untoward than usual, anyway) on my way into work this morning, or during my ciggie breaks outside, or on my way home this evening. Someone at work saw this story and claimed he'd smelled something, but I think there may be an element of mass hysteria at work here.

Tonight I'm not writing again, because I have some NW2-related emailing to do.
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