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The Villages

Date: 2008-05-06 00:51
Subject: music from old europe
Security: Public
Location:the utility room in the sky
Music:porcupine tree
I've not been writing today because the flat has been having a bit of a Spring clean. I've cleaned the kitchen (and by god it needed a clean; I more or less had to napalm the cooker to get all the muck off it) and Bogna did something important with clothes, I don't know what.
Anyway, while I was doing the kitchen thing today I was listening to one of Bogna's CDs that I'd loaded onto my Walkman. It's a concert by a Polish singer called Anna Maria Jopek, and very pleasant it is, too. She has a lovely voice, and one song, `Szepty I Lzy,' is rather smashing.
So I did that googly thing looking for the album version of the song, and it's startlingly different. Here it is.

And here's the live version.

Myself, I prefer the live version; it's lighter and jazzier. Although I would be the first to admit that Anna Maria does suit a floaty white dress. And no, I have no idea what she's singing about. I think there's some stuff about the sun and trees and going far away, but beyond that I'm lost.

Nighty-night, villagers, wherever you are.
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