May 22nd, 2008


music for pleasure

I was, as we say, `up West' this afternoon on a job, and afterward I went home via the Virgin Megastore Which I Refuse To Call `Zaavi,' and I scored an absolute cornucopia of stuff which I either have on cassette or had on cassette and have lost, or heard once many years ago. It seems there are a lot of cheap CD reissues coming out at the moment from my adolescence or early twenties, stuff I haven't listened to for a long time. So I picked up a Thomas Dolby collection - most people remember Dolby for `She Blinded Me With Science,' but he was producing some of the smartest synthesiser pop of the day and `One Of Our Submarines' is a marvellous track; Men At Work's first album, Business As Usual - everyone remembers (usually with affection) `Down Under,' with its lines about vegemite sandwiches and men chundering, but there's some very good stuff on this album and I think it's an underrated masterpiece; a couple of early-ish Tom Waits albums, Closing Time and The Heart Of Saturday Night, from the days when the gravel-voiced fairground barker was still doing melody. There's a song called `Martha' on Closing Time which may be one of the most heartbreaking I've ever heard. I'm still trying to get hold of the album where he covers `Somewhere' from West Side Story, which is enormously touching. And finally I grabbed a Journey collection. You may laugh, but when I was out in Wisconsin in the Summer of '81 Journey were an integral part of my soundtrack (as were the Alan Parsons Project) and I've been looking for a collection with all those songs on it, and it finally found one that more or less fits the bill. I still think `Lights' is a lovely song.
Anyone who's interested, I can heartily recommend all of these, and more.
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