June 17th, 2008


the fifth foot drops

Breaking news from the Islands Of Lost Feet. A fifth foot
has been found near Vancouver. Unlike the other four, this one is a left foot, which at least means there's a possibility that it matches one of the ones already found and doesn't herald another victim.
The ever-so-slightly-spooky Dr Ebbesmeyer has spoken up on the subject again.
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pygmy marmoset

with a mighty bound, he was free...

You underestimate the ingenuity and sheer animal cunning of a dog at your peril. "He liked to sit on it and sunbathe," indeed. That's the dog version of Steve McQueen throwing his baseball near the wire in The Great Escape while he scoped out the blind-spots of the guard towers.
Mind you, I hope Harvey comes home safe.
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sad kitteh

stan winston and cyd charisse

If you've been at all interested in film over the past thirty-odd years, the chances are you've seen and admired the work of Stan Winston, simply one of the greatest effects men ever to work in the film business.
And what can I say about Cyd Charisse, except she was one of the best dancers I ever saw on screen.
Giants have passed.
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