June 30th, 2008

radioactive cat

how to do well in your exams

The Times is reporting one of the more arcane secrets of GCSE marking. One student in a GCSE English exam answered a question with `fuck off.' Apparently our child prodigy got marks for spelling it correctly and `conveying a meaning successfully.' The question? `Describe the room you're sitting in.'
*puts hands over eyes* *despairs*
Of course, this is how I got my `O'-level. Although that was in domestic science.
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I've been hearing rumblings for a little while that there are plans to remake The Prisoner, and now it seems that indeed there are, with Jim Caviezel as Number Six and Ian McKellen as Number Two.
Well, let's see. Two very good actors, a writer who knows what he's doing, an iconic series with concerns that are even more pertinent now than when Patrick McGoohan wrote it in the 60s. What could go wrong?
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