July 10th, 2008

Honey Badger

and the prize for wankiest railway in the country goes to...

...First Capital Connect! Mind you, they won it last year, too. One more year and they get to keep the trophy.
FirstCap's stations and trains are liberally festooned with posters informing passengers about half-price fares and how great FirstCap is and how they're working to make their customers' lives better, and all these posters feature happy smiling people. What all these posters should really say is: `WE ARE FIRST CAPITAL CONNECT. IF YOUR TRAIN ARRIVES AT ALL, IT WILL PROBABLY BE LATE, ONLY HALF THE LENGTH IT SHOULD BE SO IT'S TOO FULL TO GET ON, AND ITS TOILETS - IF IT HAS ANY - PROBABLY WON'T WORK. IN SPITE OF THIS, WE WILL STILL CHARGE YOU MOST OF YOUR DISPOSABLE INCOME FOR THE PRIVILEGE OF TRAVELLING ON OUR TRAINS. THEN WE WILL DESTROY YOUR MIND AND SPIRIT. FEAR US.' Over a picture of commuters, screaming.
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