July 30th, 2008


oh, before i forget...

...the saga of Nottingham, the `revisionist' version of the Robin Hood story with Robin as the bad guy and the Sheriff of Nottingham as the good guy, has taken a bit of a turn. Among other concerns, the script apparently `is not yet where the studio and filmmakers want it to be in terms of realizing the full value of the story.' Hmm...
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radioactive cat


Do not pack away the bunting, leave that maypole where it is, deck the halls, sing hey-nonny, someone nip down to Tesco's for some more vodka, and pray join me in the Light Operetta Of Greeting (performed only once, in 1898 at a black mass in Staines attended by Richard d'Oyly Carte, the head chef of the Savoy and the Prince of Wales) for time_shark is here. Welcome, Mike.
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