August 7th, 2008


our antipodean cousins are at it again

In New Zealand - where, you'll recall, it's perfectly legal (and, for all I know, obligatory by now) to name your child `Violence' or `Number 16 Bus Shelter' - they have a law against publishing photographs of teenage offenders. So they've got around this on a recent Wanted poster by using a photo of Robbie Coltrane instead, because the wanted burglar resembles him. The poster makes it clear that Big Rab isn't a suspect, but invites the public to `imagine him aged 16 with lank, greasy hair.'
Ingenious. But I do wonder whether the next time Robbie Coltrane visits New Zealand he won't find himself pursued down the street by a screaming mob, probably named Violence, Number 16 Bus Shelter, Tupperware, Cat Litter, Loft Conversion, Reebok and Sunday Lunch.
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