August 15th, 2008


the world gives, the world takes away...

Today Poland won its first medals of the Olympics, a silver in the men's team epee, and a gold in the men's shot-putt.
Today Moscow also bitch-slapped Poland for signing a deal to allow the US to station missile interceptors on its territory.
Myself, I think the missile shield is a bunch of bullshit. If Iran rogue states are going to deliver a warhead to the United States, they'll do it by boat, right into New York Harbour. And if the US were worried about missiles from the Middle East, surely it would make more sense to site them closer to the launch site, say in Italy or Austria. And if they were too close, wouldn't Britain be better? Or France?
Myself, I think there's something of gunboat diplomacy about this. Which is fine for the Monkey King because, as far as I know, he has no Polish relatives, but we got married in Poland the weekend of the coup in 1991, and for quite a while there was a sense that no one knew what the Soviets (as they were then) would do, which was more of a concern for those of us within a few hours' drive of the Russian border than it might have been for people over here.
I see the Poles' point of view. They want to be America's friend; for centuries Russia has been the 800lb gorilla living next door, and it's good to have another 800lb gorilla as a friend to balance them out. But it's a tricky tightrope-walking kind of situation, and it might not be so wise to piss Russia off right now. But what do I know? That's why I'm not a head of state. Actually, there are lots of other reasons too.
Anyway, we're off over there next month for Bogna's aunt's wedding, and I'll know better what people think about this thing when I've spoken to them.

In other news, I woke up this morning feeling absolutely ghastly, achy, fluey, shivery, vaguely nauseous and with a mild RSI relapse, but I had an interview with David Essex lined up and there was no getting around it, so I dragged myself into town hoping that when the time came for the interview I'd be feeling better.
And I did, a bit, but not a lot. I always get terrible stage fright when I'm doing a face-to-face interview and I still spent much of it trying not to pass out, throw up, have convulsions or generally Not Get The Story, but afterwards one of the PRs said she thought it was the best interview she'd sat in on. Which means the autopilot cut in, which is a little depressing.
Having said that, once the interview was over I felt okay enough to visit the-Virgin-Megastore-which-I-refuse-to-call-Zaavvi on the way home, and I finally picked up the new Sigur Ros and Elbow albums. The new Sigur Ros album is a little gem. Personally, I would follow into hell a band who named a track `Gobbledigook.' But that's just me.
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