October 5th, 2008


my god, it wasn't an hallucination...

I've not been particularly compos mentis this weekend, so I haven't really been reading the news to see what the commentators have been saying about Peter Mandelson's return to the Cabinet. But I do have to wonder what on earth possessed Gordon to give a job to a man he allegedly despises and who allegedly despises him.
For those of you on the other side of the village pond, this is Peter Mandelson's third time in government. The previous two times, he left under something of a cloud connected to what the media term `sleaze.' Who says there are no third acts in British Politics?
I note with some interest that he's already up to his old tricks, telling Sky News that he discussed Gordon's job offer with Tony Blair - the implication being that the prospect of going back into the Cabinet, and the Peerage which will go with the job, were not enough. Tony had to say it was okay. Which will wind Gordon up something chronic.

In other news, I should explain the business with the Utility Room In The Sky, and while it's no great mystery it does need some background. It also, apparently, will require a pic, so to spare everyone who has something more interesting to do, I'll continue Collapse )

For everyone else, here's a pic of Dougal.

I'm feeling a bit better, but not much. I've spent as much time as possible asleep this weekend, but I'm still a long way below par.
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