October 22nd, 2008

radioactive cat


quietselkie is rather tired of all the political stuff floating around LJ right now. And quite right, too.
So, in an attempt to get back to sense and reality, I offer you Anvil, the band which would not die.
Reviewing the film's appearance at Sundance, the Telegraph commented: "From the first frame, the room was engaged. It was funny, then funnier still. It was Spinal Tap, but all the more compelling for being true. Beautifully shot and full of wit and rhythm, the film began to uncover in its tawdry subject matter a sense of the profound. The jokes faded and the focus moved away from heavy metal. It was about friendship and family. It was about doing what you love and never giving up, about the capacity of failure, much more than success, to foster a kind of enlightenment. All this and a man in leather trousers playing a guitar with a vibrator."
'Nuff said.
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