December 28th, 2008


...of the year

One of the annoying things about this time of year is that every newspaper, news channel and broadcaster does `...Of The Year' roundups. I find this pisses me off, because I know all this stuff already. It also seems to me that there's no frakking point in releasing a book or a film around now because it won't be reviewed - the review pages are full of `Best/Worst Book/Film' of the year articles, and your mighty rollercoaster of an allegorical novel about the 2005 Ashes Test (in 10,120 rollicking pages) will just get lost at the bottom of a page about the best and worst celebrity cookery books of the year.
All is not lost, though. Every week the Telegraph's website does a best-picture-of-the-week photo gallery, a rich source of LOLs. They've just done a list of top picture galleries of the year, some of which I seem to have missed for some reason. The whole list is here, but my favourite is the gallery about the Guinea Pig Olympics, which contains pics like this:

I suspect a certain amount of CGI and Photoshopping has gone on in these pics, but they're fun, and there are more here. I feel some sigs approaching...

In other news, I didn't watch a lot of telly over Christmas. I should rephrase that - I didn't watch a lot of original telly over Christmas. I did watch a lot of reruns of Mock The Week, QI, Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Have I Got News For You on Dave.
The two bits of original programming I watched were the Doctor Who Christmas special, which I enjoyed a lot and during which it suddenly occurred to me what a brilliant Doctor Jason Isaacs would make, and a cracking documentary about the making of BlackAdder. I don't know how much longer the documentary's going to be available - the BBC usually takes stuff off the iPlayer after seven days - and whether those of you on the other side of the village pond will be able to watch it, but I know there are BlackAdder fans among us, and trust me, you'll enjoy this. It's here.

Back to work next week. I just get New Year's Day off. Although Friday ought to be a bit of a bust.
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