January 8th, 2009


the truth is out there

This has been all over the papers and the news today. Basically, there's a windfarm in Lincolnshire and on Sunday night one of the turbines lost a blade and had another one bent to buggery.
There were reports of UFOs in the area at the time, so there have been a slew of `UFO Hits Windmill' stories, such as this pile of crap in The Sun.
If you knew nothing else about Britain at the moment, just looking at these stories would tell you we're going through some uncertain times. I fully expect to see stories of ghosts and ghoulies and mysterious large cats on Dartmoor in the coming days.
It seems the Silly Season has started early in the British media, when anyone with half a brain would conclude that the broken blade suffered fatigue and sheared off, hitting the other one on the way down and bending it. Even the `UFOs' have been explained here, although the lighthearted line `the good folk of Louth must have thought it was Christmas all over again' could easily be substituted with the line `the good people of Louth must have been royally pissed-off to have their Sunday evening interrupted by some fool sending up fireworks.'
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