March 24th, 2009


it's our home europe

I haven't seen this yet, so I guess I'm missing the delivery, but today Gordon put on his International Statesman hat again and legged it over to Strasbourg to give a speech at the European Parliament.
I'm amiably pro-European, but it's always pained me the way successive Prime Ministers have tried to locate Britain at the heart of the continent. I've always suspected that, no matter what their stance on Europe, most ministers and Prime Ministers would be just fine with the EU if Britain were running it and Sterling were the Single Currency.
Anyway, so Gordon's standing there in Strasbourg, as reported by the BBC, and he's really quite shamelessly schmoozing the MEPs, and then he comes out with this:
"Today there's no old Europe and no new Europe. We have one Europe and it's our home Europe."
I can't wait to get home and put the news on and find out what tune he sang that to.
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