May 26th, 2009

Honey Badger

rotten boroughs - mp for a day

Right, this MPs' expenses thing has just got beyond the frakking joke. First David Cameron tried to seize the high ground by saying he was going to open up Tory MPs' selection lists to anyone "who shares our values." Brilliant idea, Dave. Let's a give a whole bunch of people with no political experience at all the chance to rule us.
Now the nightmare scenario is beginning to take shape. Telegraph columnist and right-wingish Right Winger Simon Heffer is saying he's going to stand against Sir Alan Haselhurst if he refuses to pay back the money he's claimed, and Esther Rantzen, Lynne Faulds-Wood and former 80s pop singer David Van Day have also expressed an interest in standing.
How many of them will actually reach the hustings, I don't know, but there will be more in coming days. Soap stars, retired footballers, television journalists. Some of them really could be elected; the mood in the country's about right. If I wake up one morning and discover that David Van Day is Chancellor and Simon Heffer is Home Secretary, I'm off to Poland and I'm not coming back until the country comes to its fucking senses.
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the road to world domination continues...

By the good offices of Thog, I now have a presence on Dreamwidth, where I am, as you might have guessed, hutch0. I've just popped in to set up the page and look around. I haven't migrated anything over from here, and I still don't know what I'm going to do with it, but along with Facebook, the Villages In Exile over on IJ, and Under The Rose on Blogger, it should be fairly difficult to fall out of touch unless the entire internet collapses.
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