August 26th, 2009


toc crazy

There seems to have been a mild outbreak of ToC frenzy surrounding the Table of Contents of The Red Hand Of Crime (working title, I'm told) I'm a few hours late, but I thought, just on the offchance that there was someone out there who still hadn't seen it, you might like a look at the very very good company I find myself in.

Adrian McKinty
Arlene Hunt
Brian McGilloway
Dave Hutchinson
Garbhan Downey
Garry Kilworth
John Grant
John McAllister
Ken Bruen
Maxim Jakubowski
Neville Thompson
Sam Millar
Stuart Neville
T.A. Moore
Tony Bailie
Tony Black
Una McCormack

The anthology is edited by our very own mylefteye and gerardbrennan, and I'm pleased to say the villages are further represented by realthog and altariel (whose story I've read, and it's a cracker) The book will be published by Morrigan Books next year.
As I said, very good company to be in.
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