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adventures in hollywood - a serial

For those of you who have been waiting with bated breath, unable to sleep, for updates about the progress of The Trauma Jockey through Development Hell, I heard from the producer yesterday and we have a screenwriter now. Apparently the screenwriter's been working with the Weinstein Company and his first film comes out in January. Which at least implies that he's a durable kind of chap.
I'm not an idiot, despite what people would have you believe, and I know the chances of this movie ever being made, let alone released, are somewhere on a par with the chances of Elvis finally playing some British gigs, but the producer seems on the level and he's very enthusiastic, which always does the old ego some good, and I just think the whole process will be enormous fun, whatever happens. Hell, it's already fun, and the screenplay hasn't been written yet. I'll keep you posted.

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