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The BBC reports that there is a high IQ link to being vegetarian, and I want to take exception to this. Anybody casually reading the headline would think that scientists have nailed a link between being a vegetarian and being smart. But what it's actually about is children with higher IQs being more likely to become vegetarians, which is not the same thing. Read it yourselves; this is the kind of statistical juggling and loaded journalism that really gets up my nose.
I have no axe to grind with vegetarians, or indeed with the BBC - it has the look of a story written up mostly from a press release, which is lazy but we've all done it - but I don't think stories like this do the cause any good at all.
For the record, I'm a meat eater and my IQ once tested in the top four percent of the population, although I am considerably less bright now than I was then.

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