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Last weekend I finally managed to get started on the pile of DVDs-to-watch, and I didn't start at the bottom of the pile with The Black Dahlia (no offence, Brian, it's just the oldest film in the pile) but with Sunshine, which I have been waiting to see for what seems like forever. No, I didn't see it in the cinema because a) I hate going to the cinema, and b) even if I did enjoy going to the cinema, I didn't have time.

I liked it a lot. A friend of mine went to see it when it was on release and he was disappointed. He'd been led, by the trailers and reviews, to expect a pants-wetting outer-space horror along the lines of Alien or Event Horizon, and it certainly isn't that. It's much more like Solaris.
I would have liked some explanation of how a bomb with the mass of Manhattan could kick-start the Sun - I know from background reading that the Sun in the film has become afflicted with an exotic particle called a `Q-ball' and that the bomb would sort this out, but they might have mentioned it in the movie. I also thought Mark Strong's character, Icarus I's captain, Pinbacker, could have done with a bit more explanation, but I thought he just about worked without it. And maybe we could have been told how the Icarus II was supposed to survive to get home after deploying the bomb - and the shield.

Apart from that, I have no serious issues with it. Thoroughly enjoyable, a limited budget deployed very intelligently and more than adequately rendered by the actors. Cillian Murphy will be a great star one day. And Chris Morris was unexpectedly good after his work in Fantastic Four, which I thought was kind of sloppy.

Yep, fine film, enjoyed that. Next: Hot Fuzz.

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