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blood in the water revisited

I was just looking at that thing I posted a couple of weeks ago when the Blair/Brown feud broke surface, and I feel I should apologise for the apocalyptic tone of it. Reading now, you'd think that Brownites and Blairites were hunting each other down the corridors of Westminster with hatchets, which is not what happened. This is England, after all. We don't do that kind of thing. Oh no.
You do have to wonder, though, if the whole thing didn't afford us a glimpse of what really goes on all the time behind the cover of the spin machine, the dark thoughts and passions that are seething in the collective Labour breast.
Anyway, the passions were quickly covered over again, the story blew over. Conference seems to have gone off without too many problems, from what I could see. Tony's final speech to the delegates was a reminder, at least in part, of what made him so electable in the first place. Gordon's speech in contrast was...well, let's face it, the man may be great company in private, as his supporters keep insisting, but he's bloody dour in public. Whatever else a Brown premiership will look like, it's going to be short on laughs. Imagine Prime Minister's Questions, conducted in the same way he's given all his Budget speeches.
You'll note that I'm presuming Gordon will become Prime Minister. That's really only because I can't see any credible alternative right now. John Reid may have trailed his coat-tails a bit at Conference, but the prospect of him as Prime Minister is just too alarming to consider, and anyway I'm beginning to wonder if that performance might not have been a coded warning to whoever takes over from Tony to leave him where he is as Home Secretary. He's obviously having more fun there than he was at Health or the MoD or any of the other positions he's held, although I suspect John Reid's idea of fun and my idea of fun may be sharply divergent.
Who else is there but Gordon, anyway? And who would dare stand against him? Someone will have to, of course, for the sake of making it look as though a leadership election is taking place rather than a coronation, but it'll probably be some backbencher with nothing much to lose.
Although I could, of course, be proved completely wrong.


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