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Anna Politkovskaya - The Villages

Date: 2006-10-08 00:05
Subject: Anna Politkovskaya
Security: Public
Music:Seth Lakeman

I didn't know Anna Politkovskaya's work well, but I read some of her stuff when it occasionally appeared in translation and she was an outstanding and courageous journalist and her murder in Moscow yesterday is a tragedy.
She once said that, in the same way as it's the duty of a singer to sing or a doctor to cure their patient, it's the duty of a journalist to write the reality of what they see, and that's what she did, in spite of the risk to herself. It goes without saying that she made a lot of enemies. 
She was a bright shining light in Russian journalism. Whatever the circumstances of her death it's hard not to think that the people she shone that light on will have gone to bed last night knowing that there is one less person in the world to call them to account.

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