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the terror continues

I'm all for accountability, but at the BBC things are starting to get out of hand. I see why Peter Fincham felt he had to resign and I applaud his honesty in doing so, but I'm even more worried now about the culture of terror at the BBC. And isn't there a double standard at work here? If all the members of Blair's government who made a mistake or were economical with the truth had followed Peter Fincham's example, there wouldn't have been any of them left by the time Blair resigned. If we're now to expect such standards of draconian rigour from our broadcasters, is it unreasonable to also expect it from the politicians who demand it? Like, say the Culture And Media Secretary, who was mentioned a little while ago. Or our esteemed Prime Minister, who recently staged a photo-op as he `opened' a hospital which had already been open for four months and had already had an official visit from the Health Secretary.
So what? I hear you cry. Well, Best Beloved, is there any substantive difference between faking a competition to name a cat on a children's television programme and faking a hospital opening or having yourself photoshopped into a photo-op?
Just sayin', that's all.

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