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in which ann coulter reminds me, yet again, why she annoys me so very, very much

If any of you heard a distant and dull thudding noise a few days ago, it was the sound of my jaw hitting the floor as I caught up with Ann Coulter's latest words of wisdom. (Just in case you can't work out what I'm referring to, I draw your attention to `On Women.')
I don't know why Ann Coulter should annoy me so much. I mean, for one thing, she's an American commenting on American politics and I'm a Brit living in Britain, so really she has about as much relevance to me as a political commentator in New Zealand. But I'm starting to become morbidly fascinated by her. Every time I type her name into Google News I find she's said something else completely stupid. And people respect her views. What in the name of humanity is wrong with her and with America that she can say stuff like this and get away with it?
I know, free speech and all that - and you all know I'm in favour of that. But free speech has a Darwinian component. If someone talks bollocks for long enough people stop listening and you never hear from them again. That doesn't seem to work for Ann Coulter; she just keeps talking bollocks and people just keep on listening.

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