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democracy in action

I just noticed that I've deployed the Honey Badger rather a lot tonight, and I apologise for that; I've had one of those weeks, and it has been one of those weeks for news, and it can't have been much fun for those of you (and I exempt the still sadly-LJless OJM here) who've been finding these posts on your fpages.
I've also, in the spirit of the (belated) first anniversary of the founding of The Villages, succumbed to a certain nostalgia and been going back through my old posts, and I don't think I've done all that badly in our first year, considering that thirteen months ago I didn't even know what an flist was. I think I almost got lyrical a couple of times, which is unusual for me.
But what do you think? Do I ramble too much? Do I just talk bollocks most of the time? I'm sensitive to the needs of the villagers (including those who haven't said hi and got a beer from the Village Cooler yet - you know who you are)
I'm not fishing for compliments; I really want to know. Is this stuff entertaining? How can I improve it? Should I be talking more about writing? About the London Underground? Is there still anyone out there interested in The Bedroom In The Sky? (because I could go on for days about that.) I'm determined that this little bucolic corner of the World Wide Web will be democratic (allowing for the fact that I intend to run it along similar lines to the Divine Right of KIngs) and I'm honestly interested in your opinions.

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