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one of those weeks

It has been, as the title suggests, one of those weeks. Work has been insane (and I mean literally insane - some of the people involved really need some kind of psychiatric intervention) the flat is still barely habitable for most right-thinking people, and halfway through the week I succumbed to one of those bugs/bad sausage rolls which shackle you to the lavatory for extended periods of your life.
But there was still joy this week, as I discovered that they've issued a Be Bop Deluxe collection. I doubt that anyone remembers Be Bop Deluxe, but for a brief period in the late 70s they were a big thing over here and, like Family and Tangerine Dream and Rush and Genesis and many others they formed part of the soundtrack of my adolesence and I'm bowled over to be able to listen to them again. They were, like many of the `progressive' bands of that era, guilty of shameless self-indulgence, but I've always thought that `Sister Seagull' was one of the great lost classic rock tracks and I never thought I'd hear it again. I am, as they say, happy as a hog in a wallow to discover that it's been reissued.

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