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For reasons which will become evident, I'm in two minds whether or not to post this. I actually think it's wrong to give this story legs when the person involved really needs to drop back into anonymity.
But... But...
I think this raises issues of integrity and I'd welcome your opinions. If you think I should delete the post, I will.

I was looking at Boing Boing this evening when I found this, which links to this article here.
After I read the article, which troubled me greatly, I went back to the discussion on Boing Boing and I found a link to this, which articulated my concerns about the original LA Weekly article a great deal better than I could myself.

Whatever the nuts and bolts of the situation, I don't think it was right for Josh Olson to write that article. If you have a friend and they've done something silly and you've helped them out, you do not then go on to write a newspaper piece about it.

Any thoughts?

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