hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,

schadenfreude corner 2 - harriet strikes back

Prime Minister's Questions yesterday, as I thought, was mighty entertaining, and not only for the sight of David Cameron driving Gordon Brown close to a rage again. Apparently, the Prime Minister's image people have been trying to stop him getting angry, but that's really like telling a glacier to stop calving icebergs.
What I thought was interesting was Harriet Harman sitting right behind Gordon - you'll recall he was less than supportive of her in his press conference - with a stone face for much of the time. Half the time she appeared to be looking at Gordon's back and wondering which vertebrae to slip the knife between. The other half she seemed to be engaged in a staring contest with Theresa May, her opposite number. Either that or she was bemused by Theresa's cleavage-liberating top, presumably deployed to discombobulate Gordon.

I hear now that Harriet's people are saying that, during the Deputy Leadership contest, they went to Gordon's people asking if there were any Labour donors they could go to for funds, and Gordon's people gave them the name of one of David Abrahams's sockpuppets. Harriet's days are numbered - Gordon never wanted her in the job in the first place - but I think she's going to take people down with her when she goes. Let's not forget, her husband is the Labour Party Treasurer, and he didn't know about the Abrahams donations. And funnily enough, I think Harriet and her husband are telling the truth and they're spitting blood to find out that people like Hillary Benn did know about it. I think they're realising how much Gordon's cabal has sidelined them and they're starting to think about payback.
Or I could be wrong. It's happened before, it will happen again.

Anyway, I thought the performance of the day belonged once again to Vince Cable, who I am warming to very much. He didn't say a lot, but he made it count. And he's got great delivery.

Villagers who suffer from insomnia or have no taste can view the antics of the Mother Of All Parliaments here. Scroll down a bit until you find `UK Politics' and then click on `Prime Minister's Questions.' It should be up for the next few days.

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