hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,

not a well man...

I think I'm coming down with something; I've been feeling kind of wobbly and not-quite-there for a few days now and my head isn't working quite as well as it did. I interviewed a couple of the cast of `24' on Wednesday morning and I got back to the office feeling ghastly. It took me two days to get the story written up, when it usually would only have taken a couple of hours. Just couldn't get the story to work.
Yesterday I dragged my carcass down to the Natural History Museum to interview the winner of this year's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition and got back feeling very odd indeed, and this morning I woke up with the runny nose, the banging headache, the sore eyes, the whole schmoo. I had to lie in a hot bath for half an hour before I felt halfway alive. Got to the office and chugged down a couple of cold and flu pills I had left over from the last time, felt marginally better but not too much. Really tired.
The project manager for our loft conversion came over the other night to discuss some final bits and pieces of the plans. Because it's Bogna's brainchild anyway I left them to chat and went for a lie down and dozed as much as the cats, who were excited at having a stranger in the flat, would let me.
This is really the wrong time of year to be doing this kind of work - it's mild right now but I know in my heart that as soon as the roof comes off the temperature will plummet and we'll have a foot of snow - and I'd been hoping that it would be postponed until the slightly more reliable weather in the Spring, but everything seems ready to go ahead as soon as we want. Bogna wants to use Polish windows rather than Vellux ones - for what I am sure are perfectly good reasons - and they could take about six weeks to get here, which puts us at the end of November. Apparently, and I'm dubious about this, from start to finish the work will take three weeks. It's going to seem a good deal longer. 

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