hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,

facebook is weirding me out...

This needs a little background. A few months ago a friend of ours, who moved to France with her husband, was persuaded by her nephew over here to get herself a facebook page so she could keep in touch with family goings-on, and she invited me to be a friend. This necessitated getting myself a facebook page, and we swapped messages a couple of times and then went back to our usual method of communication, which is us phoning them on high days and holy days and her sending us bizarre viral emails, and I forgot about facebook.
Anyway, earlier in the week marlowe1 ran me to ground and invited me to friend his facebook, or whatever the hell it's called. Which I happily did.
Now, I'm not wise in the ways of facebook, so I thought I ought to poke around in it and see what it can do, and I just clicked on the `home' tab and scrolled down a bit and I found an entry which reads `popular posted items in the London network.' I presume (and I hope Tim will correct me if I'm wrong) these are news stories posted on facebook by London users.
Okay. Top item is `Bike Sex Man Placed On Probation.' Second place is `Cat's Daily Routine Baffles Owner.' Third place is `Man Hurt Using Gun To Change Tyre.'
Sharp-eyed villagers might recognise items one and two. And I wrote a story for the paper about item three.
I'm sorry, I just find that the merest little bit spooky.

I have a MySpace page as well, but that just scares me.
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