hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,


It's not the fact that a hard drive carrying the names, addresses, phone numbers, and in some cases eddresses, of three million applicants for the UK driving theory test has been lost.
It's not the fact that it was lost in Iowa, which of course has such a strong interest in the UK driving theory test.
No. What's bothering me is something that occurred to me on the way home tonight. As far as the public and the media seem to be concerned, this apparent plague of butterfingerness began a couple of months ago when the Customs & Excise CDs went missing in the post. Now, what are the odds that that was the first time it had ever happened? It's like seeing a car crash, and the next day seeing another, and thinking to yourself, "Wow, cars are crashing all of a sudden!"
I have a suspicion - and it can only ever be a suspicion - that a lot more data has been lost. And I don't just mean NHS records being found on rubbish tips.
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