hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,

the truth is...somewhere...

Yesterday's Observer had an interesting article about the decision to release the archive of DI55, the Ministry of Defence directorate which was charged with investigating UFO sightings. It will be the single biggest release of files in the MoD's history.
Will I be checking it out? Maybe; I'm a little cooler about UFOs than I was when I was younger, but apparently the release will include the official government files on the Rendlesham Forest incident, which I'd be interested to take a look at.
More interesting, though, is how they come to be released. As you'll see in the article, they - along with around 63,000 other files - were about to be destroyed because they were contaminated with asbestos, and the MoD decided to scan them, at a price of £3 million, before they were disposed of. I'm not sure whether this a frivolous use of the MoD budget or not. On the one hand, I'm glad to have the chance to look at their file on Rendlesham. On the other, three million quid would buy a lot of body armour for our blokes in Iraq...
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