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So, it turns out that in the campaign to be elected Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, Peter Hain, the Work And Pensions Secretary, forgot to declare £130,000 in donations and has been bitch-slapped by the Electoral Commission for it, with more slapping possibly to come. He's believed to have raised around £200,000 for his campaign. And much good it did him. He didn't win. Harriett Harman - who herself is not out of the woods yet - only raised about £90,000.
And I note an article from The Times, which I missed when it originally came out in December, telling us that Labour received a £180,000 grant from public funds to train staff about the new donations laws. So, that was money well spent, then.
I'm not even sure why I'm bothering being annoyed any more. These people have the morals of a junkyard dog and expecting anything else from them is like standing in the Arrivals hall at Heathrow and waiting for Elvis to arrive for his first UK tour.
Now these youthful anti-nuclear demonstrators, these student marchers for CND, are about to usher in a new age of nuclear power in this country. Bless `em.

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