hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,

schadenfreude corner - the nightmare continues

I said Peter Hain was due some more slapping, and I was right, but I hadn't anticipated that he had messed up quite as badly as he has.
The fact that opposition parties are calling for his resignation is irrelevant; if a government minister blows his or her nose out of turn the opposition call for his or her resignation. It's just opposition scalp-hunting, so let's forget about that.
What I hadn't anticipated is that some of the donations to Hain's deputy leadership campaign came via a third party in the same way as David Abrahams's donations did. In Hain's case, two people who donated money to a think-tank were not told that the money would be used to fund Hain's campaign, although they both say they didn't mind.
Doesn't matter whether they minded or not. It was against the law.
Whether this comes to anything remains to be seen, but it's already caused damage to Hain's credibility which will take some pretty fancy footwork to repair. I understand the police are getting ready to make some arrests relating to the Abrahams donations. For the neutral observer, watching this from afar, this is a rather interesting circus. For those of us who expected so much more from this absolute shower it's nothing more than a tragedy.
I'm sick of the Labour government. I'm sick of them wheeling and dealing and lying to the people who elected them. They're no better than Archer and Aitken, who thought that because they were powerful they could do anything they fucking well wanted and nobody could touch them for it.
I'm disgusted with the lot of them.

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