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I did the French Egg Gag over at quietselkie's place, and it moved me to post some handy French phrases for anyone about to take a holiday at the other end of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link:

Moi aussi - I am an Australian.
Entrechat - the cat comes in.
Pas de deux - fathers of two.
Faux pas - men pretending to be fathers.
Je ne sais pas - I do not know any fathers.
Menage a trois - a zoo with only three animals in it.
Hors de combat - prostitutes who only have sex with soldiers.
Pain au chocolat - I have a cavity in a tooth and it hurts when I eat sweets.
Tout de suite - all the armchairs and sofas.
Bon - good.
Bonbon - really very good.
Aide de camp - someone to help put up tents.
Beaucoup - a beautiful revolution.
Contretemps - an argument between two secretaries.
De rigueur - the stiffening of a body after death.
Moue - the sound a cow makes.
Savoir faire - to enjoy a carnival.
Vin de pays - U-Haul.
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