hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,

pocket boroughs - because calcinations is right...

...if I keep shoving these people in Schadenfreude Corner there'd be no room left for people like Conrad Black. And it's important I leave room for people like Conrad Black.

Meanwhile, life continues to go from bad to worse for Derek Conway, the Tory MP who took his little boy to work and paid him a salary almost as big as mine (and for less hours) as he was today expelled from the Parliamentary Tory Party and could be questioned by police after it emerged that he had also paid his other son.

Cameron didn't really have any choice but to expel him, after continually calling for the suspension of the likes of Hain and Harman for their own alleged irregularities, but this decision could come back and bite him. Conway's a popular figure in the Party, and the Tories who didn't want Cameron to take over as Leader have been looking for a figurehead of their own to mass behind, someone with nothing to lose.

(And a note to quietselkie: the phrase `withdraw the whip' is a venerable Parliamentary term and not an occasion for sniggering. Although with the Tories you can never be too sure)
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