hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,

in which hutch puts his hands up and admits he was wrong. again

A little while ago, either some way back here, or at someone else's place, I assumed my role as infallible political pundit and cautioned not to rule out Rudy Giuliani because he was waiting for the Florida primary and then Super Tuesday to show his hand. Rudy has foiled me by having a totally crap primary season and then quitting. It's a good job I'm not a political journalist.

On a more serious note, from this considerable distance it seems to me that this is the most ill-tempered Presidential race (and I'm treating the primaries as part of the Presidential election, the Monkey King being unable to run again) in some considerable time. And that's within the two parties. God only knows what's going to happen when they've chosen their candidates and the two of them go toe-to-toe.

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