hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,

We finally moved up into the Bedroom In The Sky a week ago, and I haven't had a decent night's sleep since. The blinds on the windows at the front of the house just diffuse the light outside, rather than blocking it out altogether, and I know now that during the Summer I'm going to be waking up with the birdies. As a night owl, this is more than somewhat annoying.
Anyway, here are some piccies of the Bedroom In The Sky, and also the Utility Room In The Sky. I haven't taken any pics of the steps because the work isn't finished yet; we're waiting for the delivery of the tiles.

This is the Bedroom In The Sky. You may notice that it has already been colonised by the cats.

And again...

And here is the Utility Room In The Sky.

'Nuff said.
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