hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,

pocket boroughs - in which derek conway takes the piss

Derek Conway is down, but not yet out. He's still saying he did nothing wrong, and that MPs aren't paid nearly enough. I think he may have misjudged public sentiment if he thinks this is going to win him friends.

In other news, MPs are slowly starting to declare the family members they employ - around one in four of them, apparently. I should point out that it's not unusual, or frowned upon, for an MP to employ his wife as a secretary. For MPs from constituencies far from Westminster, it's a useful way of keeping marriages together. The problem, as in Conways case, comes when the person involved is being paid a disproportionate amount for the work they do.

And now it turns out that for the past 16 years Peter Hain has been employing his mother as a part-time secretary. Once again, there's nothing illegal about this as far as I know.

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