hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,

barry morse

This isn't really an `I has a sad' post because - although I'm sad he's no longer with us - he had a long life and a very long career, but I want to mention that the actor Barry Morse has died, aged 89.
How you remember Barry Morse depends, I guess, on which generation you come from. I just - barely - remember him as Lieutenant Philip Gerard in The Fugitive - the role Tommy Lee Jones later played against Harrison Ford in the film. But I remember him most fondly for his role as Professor Victor Bergman in Space 1999, a series that was completely barking mad but which occasionally showed flashes of real genius.
According to the IMDB, he made his film debut in The Goose Steps Out in 1942, and made his last screen appearance in 2005. Now that's what I call a career.

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