hutch0 (hutch0) wrote,

that'll be us back, then

I think I may have mentioned that I'm not the world's most relaxed air passenger, so maybe you can imagine the thoughts that went through my head last week, having gone through the security and passport and the Buying Experience at Stansted and having sat down in the aeroplane and done up my seatbelt and watched the aircraft being rolled back from the terminal, when we were told that the pilot couldn't start the engines.
"The little engine that starts the main engines seems to be malfunctioning," Our Pilot told us. "It has no bearing on safety and we'll just get a little help from the ground crew."
Mostly what I thought was ...has no bearing on safety? The aircraft is broken. How can that have no bearing on safety?
Actually the pilot was right. We waited about twenty minutes and then a compressor truck turned up to bump-start the engines and after that the flight was fine.

As was the week in Poland. The weather was cold, we had snow over the weekend, and the party we had to celebrate Bogna's parents' fiftieth anniversary was really very good. Everyone had a happy time.

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