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A couple of bits of media stuff. Firstly, the headline in tonight's Evening Standard was `London Hit By Earthquake.' Sorry. Wrong. London was not hit by an earthquake. Lincolnshire was hit by an earthquake. London got to join in.

Secondly, those of you who've been hanging around here long enough will know I'm not slow to defend the BBC, often to the limits of coherence and good sense. But not today. On Saturday, the BBC showed almost twelve hours of continuous sport, the greater proportion of it the Six Nations rugby. Not that I was too bothered; I didn't see any of it because I was writing most of the time (yes, pds_lit, I took the covers off Europe In Autumn and gave it a bit of a spin round the block to burn the dust off. I think I'm about ready to get it finished now.) But a lot of people did see it and were not too happy and have complained. And now the BBC has said sorry.
Except it hasn't. If you read the first sentence of their statement quoted in the Guardian, you'll see that what they actually say is `We are sorry that some viewers felt the BBC1 schedule...contained too much sport.' That's not an apology. They don't say sorry for packing a whole day's programming with sport; they express regret that it didn't please some viewers. Not the same thing at all, and shame on you, Beeb, for doing that.

I wanted to show you Nick Garland's Telegraph cartoon today, because it made me smile and summed up what the Democratic campaign looks like to me.

Last year, in the runup to the Scottish Elections, Ken MacLeod, whose blog I'm afraid I don't read often enough, posted this. It's amusing enough, if you know anything at all about Scottish politics, but I found myself rather taken with the accompanying music. It turned out to be `Old England' by The Waterboys, a band I'd previously only known for `The Whole Of The Moon.'
So I went out and found a copy of This Is The Sea, the album on which `Old England' can be found, loaded it onto my Walkman, and listened to the track a few times and the album once, kind of, while I was doing something else, and then forgot about it.
Which is a shame because I listened to it properly for the first time over the weekend, and it's an utterly mighty thing. `Trumpets,' `Medicine Bow' and `Don't Bang The Drum' are wonderful songs. But the best thing of all, the CD I bought was an enhanced reissue with bonus tracks - more bonus tracks, actually, than original tracks - and the very last bonus track is a song called `The Waves,' which I think is quite remarkable. I don't know if it's floating about on the internet, but if you ever get a chance to hear it, you should.

I promise I'll catch up on my emails either tomorrow or friday. Cross my heart.
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