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schadenfreude corner - a fleeting moment of brutish triumph

Today, Conrad Black began his six and a half year prison sentence for fraud and obstruction of justice. But he may not stay there. According to the BBC, an appellate judge has said Black and two of his co-accused have raised a substantial question on two of the three fraud charges - although the obstruction charge may be harder to sleaze out from under. Whatever, the appeal goes on. I wouldn't be surprised if he's out by this time next year.
Before he headed out for his low-security prison in Florida, Lord Black gave an interview in which he quoted Churchill (that well-known embezzler and jailbird) saying that his accusers "will have their fleeting moment of brutish triumph."
Word up, Conrad. For most of us who're not multi-multimillionaire newspaper-owning members of the House of Lords, fleeting moments of brutish triumph are all we ever get, and that's if we're lucky. And they'll do.

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