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things you can do with the internet

Years and years ago, I saw a film called Hardware by a South African director called Richard Stanley. I found it visually striking but all over the place, storywise, but there was a piece of music on the soundtrack that I liked a lot but was unable to identify.
Fast-forward a couple of years and someone I was sharing a house with at the time handed me his Walkman and said, `Listen to this and see if you can guess who it is.' I put the headphones on, pressed `play,' and out came the bit of music from Hardware. Turned out it was by Public Image Limited, and yes, it was quite hard to guess who it was because it was very different to what they'd been doing up till then.
Anyway, fast-forward some more years and today the song crossed my mind for the first time in ever such a long while. Of course, I'd forgotten its title.
So I clicked up the IMDB and typed in `Hardware,' and amongst all the other stuff about the film was a soundtrack listing, and there was the PiL song, `The Order Of Death.' A quick google turned up a video on YouTube here. Took me five minutes. And now I can listen to it to my dark little heart's content. With the best will in the world, I can't imagine it's to everyone's taste, but I like it. Sometimes, I have moods that sound just like that.
Now then. What impresses me - and I know I'm stating the obvious - is that ten or fifteen years ago I couldn't have done this. I use the internet at work all the time for research, so much that googling is almost a conditioned reflex. And it's only occasionally - like this occasion - that I lift my head and think, `Bloody hell, that's marvellous, that is.'
I think this kind of thing is so engrained in our lives these days that we forget just how marvellous it really is. I can't decide whether that's a good or a bad thing.
Ah. Haven't had a sensawunda moment in such a long time...

Incidentally, a couple of years later Richard Stanley went on to direct Dust Devil, which I think is a terrific movie. If you ever get a chance to see it, do.

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