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oh god, not another year...

I don't really have anything much to ramble about; I just thought I should post something to show willing...
People are drifting back to work after their Christmas holidays. Bastards - all we got off were Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day. Commuting ought to be fun during that period, because everybody's away and the trains are empty, but the train companies run what they call `revised Saturday timetables,' which in theory means they run to Saturday times but in practice means you just turn up at the station and if you're lucky you don't stand around for half an hour waiting for a train.
Christmas and New Year were a bit of a bust anyway. I picked up a cold in mid-December and it's sort of been waxing and waning ever since. I spent all but five hours of Christmas and all of the New Year break in bed, emitting coughs and sneezes and watching DVDs. As of today it's not so bad but I'm still kind of snotty and coughy and I still can't taste anything properly.
This morning we had what will probably be the last project meeting with our builders before the loft conversion begins. Major work is scheduled to start in mid-February, but there's some minor stuff needs doing in the flat before then. The door to the Little Room With All The Boxes needs to be blocked off to make room for the stairs that will eventually go up into the New Bedroom, and a new door needs to be cut through from the Big Room With The Telly And The Sofa. That should happen in the next two or three weeks. Construction should be finished by the end of March, by which time I'll probably be a drooling idiot.
Fiction-wise, there's not much going on. All right, there's a lot of stuff that could be going on, if only I could sit down and get on with it. There's a novel that's still a sort of assembly of bits and pieces, which I ought to do something about. And a new short story that's only going round and round in my head at the moment and could do with being written down at some point. There's other stuff I've promised people, which I need to get on with. There's email to catch up on. Mostly these days, I'm so shattered when I get home that by the time we've had dinner all I want to do is lie down and watch telly, so I'm really only getting work done at weekends. And Celebrity Big Brother starts tonight as well, so that's my evenings spoken for for the next week or so.
Anyway, I just wanted to wish Happy New Year to the little group of pilgrims who drop in here. Take care of yourselves in `07. And look on the bright side - if you thought 2006 was weird, things can only get worse...

I know I shouldn't, but


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