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the abyss gazes also into you...

A couple of pieces about how the internet is watching you. The first is an op-ed from the New York Times, the second from the BBC about the continuing debate over Phorm.
I'm in three minds over the issue of oversight of content on the internet. On the one hand, the Internet is not the Wild West, there are a lot of very crazy people out there, and they need policing somehow. On the other hand, the internet is the Wild West and it needs to grow without interference (and anyway, who watches the watchmen?) and I will resist anyone trying to restrict it. And on the third hand, I'm pretty sanguine about the whole thing; my own views and interests are mild enough, so why worry?
But on the fourth hand, I am really annoyed (especially as BTInternet is my IP) at commercial firms datamining my browsing habits for profit. Phorm is an abomination, and the way it's been road-tested is a scandal.
Should we be surprised? Nah.

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